Brow Lift

Lifting the Brow Line: Surgery or Injections?

Life has a way of showing up on our face. Primarily, the natural aging process is what leads to common problems such as lines and wrinkles. On the uppermost part of the face, though, we can recognize signs of living. For example, frown lines may indicate a lot of worries, […]

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A brow lift can help you drop years off your face

For many of us, what happens to our brow line and forehead area as we age can be quite dramatic, making us appear angry and tired, as well as older than we are. It’s the result of skin laxity, along with years of firing our forehead muscles when we laugh, […]

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Are You a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

As we age, the body changes in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, the face gets the most obvious and the very first signs of aging whether we like it or not. As the skin loses its volume and elasticity, it begins to sag and droop, etching those wrinkles and fine […]

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