Male Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery, it’s the manly thing to do

Women aren’t the only ones striving to maintain and improve their looks with a little help from their trusted plastic surgeon. Men are also seeking out professional help in order to improve their appearance, and here at Tehrani Plastic Surgery, we have the happy male patients to prove it. Let’s […]

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Male Breast Enlargement: What Causes It?

In 2012, there were roughly 21,000 male breast reduction procedures done, around a 5 percent increase from the previous year. While gynecomastia (abnormal enlargement of the male breasts) is not a serious medical condition, the shame and embarrassment that comes with the condition makes it more than just a cosmetic […]

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Finding Your Inland Empire Male Facelift Surgeon

Male facelifts are becoming more and more common. This Hollywood Reporter article talks about the growing popularity of face lifts in males, not only in Hollywood, but also amongst the general male population in particular. Here at our Inland Empire plastic surgery practice, we understand what men look for in […]

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