Procedures for Men

Inland Empire Plastic Surgery for Men: Hello, Handsome!

Plastic surgery is no longer just for women. For the past year or so, the plastic surgery industry has seen a steady increase in cosmetic procedures among males. Whether it’s a facial rejuvenation procedure or a male breast reduction surgery, Dr. Ali Tehrani is a California male plastic surgery specialist who caters […]

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Male Plastic Surgery Procedures Skyrocketed in 2012!

It looks like the smoothing and tightening effects of Botox are not just for women anymore. The same is true for the slimming effects of an Inland Empire liposuction by Dr. Ali Tehrani. Recent figures from a survey by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS) revealed that there […]

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What Are Men Getting Done?

Plastic surgery is not just for women anymore. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s 2009 Fact Sheet, men represented nine percent of all cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for that year. While women still represent the largest number of plastic surgery patients, nine percent is roughly two million guys. […]

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