We truly believe that God led us to you

One is tempted to start out by saying…”you don’t realize the impact your office makes by giving out Susan Komen breast cancer bears and complementary facials to your patients.” But obviously, you do realize this or you would not be doing it. My daughter is struggling some with what she calls “heebie jeebies”. We don’t know the cause, but it is a sort of claustrophobic sensation, which I do understand. So, she was feeling a little down and concerned when she visited your office yesterday. She came away feeling so very much cheered and comforted. Your office and you have meant so very much to Kathleen during the final phase of this year-long struggle. I wanted to say thank you, again, for all that you have done for her, along with Dr. Mobley! And all that he has done as well. It is a remarkable thing what a small pink bear in a pink sack with pink tissue paper can do for a grown woman. And also, thanks for enjoying the bracelet and for wearing it every day, as you told her. This pleases her a great deal. She really wanted you to like that bracelet. She says it looks very nice on you! I thought so too, the day she gave it to you. Your office staff has been so good to Kathleen and everyone is very sweet and thoughtful. So thanks to them too! Your office is a “class act” and we are very grateful! You continue to be in our prayers as you help other women. We truly believe that God led us to you, Dr. Mobley and to St. Mary’s, as it was our prayer that He would open the necessary pathways! As far as we are concerned, He made straight the path for us to travel!

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