Have You Been Considering Liposuction? Here’s How VaserLipo Might Help You Take the Next Step!

Liposuction Apple Valley, CALiposuction has been a longstanding procedure in cosmetic surgery. This is not surprising even with the development of high-intensity workouts and innovative diet trends. Regardless of changes in the world of health and fitness, the body is still the body, and it has an uncanny ability to hold on to fat when and where it wants. Your body may be holding on to fat cells whether you want it to or not. This is precisely the reason why so many people seek liposuction; and because so many people are interested in liposuction, it is inevitable that we will see technological advances in technique. VaseLipo is an example.

How VaserLipo Works

Vaser lipo is an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction technique. It is especially beneficial for smaller areas such as the chin and neck and is also often used on the midsection. This is because the VaserLipo technique doesn’t just remove unwanted fat; it does it in a way that honors the contouring that you want your body to have.

Steps of the VaserLipo procedure include:

  • The treatment area is injected with a tumescent saline solution that numbs nerve endings and shrinks blood vessels.
  • In response to the insertion of the saline solution, the volume in the treatment area also expands. This makes it easier to extract fat cells.
  • Tiny probes are inserted through small incisions. The probes deliver ultrasound energy into the treatment area to shake up and break up the fat cells that have been stubbornly adhering to the body.
  • The disengaged fat cells can be removed in a precise manner through small cannulas, ensuring the integrity of surrounding tissue.

Why Choose VaserLipo

There are two primary points of concern that patients have about liposuction. One is pain, and the other is results. Because VaserLipo is an ultrasound-assisted technique, most patients undergo their treatment with nothing more than a local anesthetic to numb local tissues. A mild sedative may also be prescribed to assist with nervousness related to surgery. In addition to making the liposuction procedure pain-free, local anesthetic also maintains efficacy for several hours, letting patients slip into a pleasant state of relaxation once they return home with prescription pain medication.

The results of VaserLipo become apparent over time as swelling subsides. The use of ultrasound achieves precise contouring that can even enhance the natural six-pack curvature of the midsection.

Learn more about the benefits of the VaserLipo technique used in our Laguna Beach, Apple Valley, and Palm Springs offices. Call 760-240-2444.

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