Testimonial 6

Dear Dr. Tehrani,

“Just wanted to say to you – I have always had confidence, but more so now, since my Panniculectomy surgery! I feel so blessed to have had you to do my surgery. I want to thank your parents for being blessed with you as their son, God had a plan for you – and that was to be a surgeon – to do surgeries for patients, so they can have a richer-fuller life. You were meant to do good for people, and I sincerely know you were born for a purpose. To know you truly enjoy your work getting up everyday – doing surgeries and being with your patients, means a lot. Anyone who becomes one of your patients is very lucky – and a pleasure to get to know you! May God be with you, always during your surgeries and watch over you!”

– Sincerely with Gratitude, Terry 8/4/14



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