Testimonial 7

Dear Dr. Tehrani,

“As I approach my 70th birthday on 11 July- I am reflecting upon this past year and the changes in my life. I have a wonderful caring medical team- thank you for being a part of it – taking care of me physically and emotionally through this life experience. I trust you as a physician and as a person in my life. 100%! Thank you. Now, today as I near waiting to make a left turn at Tuscala – a white car approached from the opposite direction. I waited patiently as the car, no signal, turned abruptly – then another abrupt turn in the alley way. The logo read “Nip-Tuck” was that you? I gave the person a few choice names – then went on my way. I still trust you! (But use your signals – if that was you!) ? Have a great day!”

– Love ya! Theresa S., 6/10/15



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