Technology is Great, but it Could be Aging you in an Unexpected Way

facial rejuvenationIn our sophisticated society, just about everything has been made easier. We don’t have to wait for the mailman in order to communicate with a loved one across the country – or across the globe. We barely have to wait for our food to be cooked! All the technology that has been developed over the past few decades has led to a great many exciting innovations. However, this movement into the future has not been without some disadvantages. One of those is how your technology could be aging you.

If you’re like most people in our country, you have a smart phone. You may even have a tablet or other small device that keeps you busy on a daily basis. According to studies, some believe that the posture we routinely keep due to our use of technology is causing premature aging of the neck. Problems like crepey skin, horizontal lines, sagginess, and the good old double chin are all more prevalent today than in previous generations. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that neck-rejuvenation is also on the rise.

Do you want to reverse the signs of aging on your neck, or prevent them? Here’s how . . .
1.Be careful how you use your technological devices. Keeping your head at a neutral angle, not in a downward position, will reduce “bunching up” of the skin on your neck.
2.Liposuction. We most often think of liposuction for its potential to slim the midsection, hips, or other area. It is also possible to say goodbye to your double chin quickly and for good with this procedure. The benefit of doing so, versus going the injectable route, is that only one procedure is needed to get the final result.
3.Fill in the lines. Horizontal lines on the neck can be reduced with the use of dermal fillers, which draw water into creases to plump them. The primary advantage of this method of anti-aging the neck is that results are immediate. For a more natural alternative, consider fat grafting to erase lines and wrinkles.
4.Smooth the skin. The lines on the neck are often called plastysmal bands. This is because they result from use of the platysma muscle. Reducing the movement of this muscle with Botox could be a great way to smooth lines for months on end.

Technology serves us in many ways, but it can also present unique concerns related to aging. To explore your options for neck rejuvenation, call (760) 240-2444.

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