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With his broad knowledge and impressive surgical techniques, Dr. Tehrani is often featured in the media as an expert on a wide variety of plastic and reconstructive surgery topics offering his professional opinion regarding the latest techniques in plastic surgery.

Dr. Tehrani had never met Los Angeles artist Lilli Muller, but he had met Naomi Oyadomari, his patient. Naomi had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was one of his many patients who would have reconstructive surgery at the time of her mastectomy. How she would deal with it was anything but the usual.Like many of his patients who were trying to make sense of her diagnosis, Naomi was seeking answers. Perhaps the last place she expected to find them were in the combination of art, technology and the right doctor. Read More »

In less than a year, Dr. Ali Tehrani, founder of High Desert Plastic Surgery, has quickly established a reputation as a master sculptor, artist and surgeon in the High Desert. His compassionate patient care and impeccable surgical skills have led patients throughout Southern California and beyond to seek out his services. With this increase in patient demand, Dr. Tehrani has recently opened a second office in prestigious Newport Beach, allowing him to provide unparalleled care to the patients requesting his services. Read More »

Dr. Ali Tehrani is new to the H.D., but he’s making a difference in the lives of women who need reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. Mastectomy is a procedure that removes a woman’s breast when cancerous tissue is found in that area of the body. It is a devastating procedure both physically and emotionally for a woman. In a society that places great emphasis on the size of a woman’s breasts, the procedure can be life saving. Not only literally, but emotionally, too. Losing a breast not only changes society’s view of a woman, but can change the way a woman sees herself. Losing a part of your body – any part – is deeply disturbing. The diagnosis of cancer alone can change your life in ways only a patient diagnosed with cancer can conceive. Who you are or thought you were before diagnosis and surgery is essentially gone forever. Read More »

Dr. Ali Tehrani’s life’s passion is his work. He doesn’t see plastic surgery as a job but more of a calling. His compassion comes from the first-hand knowledge of the devastation that breast cancer causes. He has had close friends and family members who have gone through the process of diagnosis and treatment, and he knows the sadness that accompanies the disease. He wants to contribute to the fight against breast cancer, and more importantly, he wants to help people who are diagnosed see the possibility of normalcy. He sees his work as a plastic surgeon, who does reconstructive surgery on mastectomy (removal of the breast) patients, as a way to contribute to a patient’s recovery and self-concept often the most important aspect of the psychological recovery. Read More »