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Emsculpt is an innovative, one-of-a-kind body contouring treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic field (HIFEM) energy to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. [1] This technology provides the muscles with an intensive workout of 20,000 contractions in one 30 minute session. It makes a regular workout at a well-equipped gym seem like child’s play! Over the years, Emsculpt has emerged as a highly sought out treatment because it does more than other forms of body contouring. [2] Emsculpt simply blows its competition out of the water by reducing fat and giving real results of a well-built body. It is a treatment that few other procedures can offer. Easy, quick, and effective, an Emsculpt treatment can redefine the contours of your body effortlessly.

Dr. Tehrani of Tehrani Plastic Surgery is eager to show patients the power of Emsculpt. Our  Body by Tehrani concept is our commitment to providing only the best results using the latest technology. Ready to get started? Schedule a meeting with Dr. Tehrani at our La Jolla or Apple Valley office and see what’s in store for you. Or, you can reach us at (949) 706-7776

About Body Contouring

Both fat and muscle tissue play an essential role in how our bodies appear. Subcutaneous fat comprises 25%of our bodies, while muscle tissue represents a more significant portion of the body (42% in men and 36% in women). [3] Depending on their circumstances, patients of all weight classifications and physical strength have struggled with unwanted fat tissue that causes an unflattering aesthetic. Thankfully, more resources are available to patients looking to achieve their desired athletic body. [1] Non-invasive body contouring methods have seen heightened interest in recent years. 

About Emsculpt

The development of Emsculpt has solved a problem in the vast seas of body contouring options. While other treatments are helpful in their own right, they only address fat removal. Emsculpt aims to remove unnecessary fat and sculpt the body to thicken muscle fibers and provide a more toned build. The comfortable treatment involves placing an applicator on the target areas to emit electromagnetic energy to trigger supramaximal muscle contractions. The highly versatile treatment builds mass and reduces fat while you lie comfortably. These powerful muscle contractions help activate muscles to trigger lipolysis or fat destruction. Gradually, your body will break down these fat cells and discard them through the body’s natural removal process. As a result, patients can see as much as a 16% increase in muscle and a 19% reduction in fat. [2] With subsequent sessions, you will start to notice a chiseled body you’ve been longing for. 


Emsculpt gives patients the advantage of a vigorous workout at the gym but the convenience of a gentle technology

Burns Fat, Build Muscle

Muscle contractions caused by the HIFEM technology strengthen muscles and burn fat. You can target abdominals, thighs, and buttocks to appear toned and taut. One study showed patients slimmed their waistline by 1.5 inches. [3]

Quick Procedure, Fast Results

In just 30 minutes, you can have an effective workout that flawlessly integrates with your busy schedule. Your results of a trimmer body will show gradually within the next 3-4 weeks. 

Minimally Invasive and No Downtime

Absolutely no incisions or surgery are needed for your Emsculpt treatment. This allows you to resume your life quickly after your treatment. 


Anyone struggling to improve muscle tone and definition after regular dieting and exercise is a suitable candidate. It has given countless patients needing a helping hand in achieving a toned, taut, and trim body. The following criteria can help interested candidates determine if this treatment is suitable. They include:

  • Be in good overall health and at an ideal weight
  • Desire to tone the abdominals, buttocks, or thighs
  • Have a BMI of less than 30
  • Seeking a non-surgical body contouring option
  • Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have a sensible outcome in mind

An informative consultation with Dr. Tehrani will help determine if this innovative treatment is right for you. Schedule yours today online or by calling (949) 706-7776 to reach any office. 

Your Body by Tehrani Treatment

The Body By Tehrani is a concept we created in 2015. It represents our commitment to providing each patient with a transformation customized to their needs. We only use the latest technology and innovations to sculpt a body with unprecedented results

Personal Consultation with Dr. Tehrani

Your consultation will occur at any of our offices throughout Southern California. We will begin by collecting your medical, surgical, and medication histories. This is so that we have a comprehensive view of your health. Next, you’ll share your aesthetic goals and the areas you’d like to target. If Emsculpt is a good fit for you, then we’ll schedule your session.

Arrange for a consultation at our office in La Jolla or Apple Valley. To do that, schedule one online or by calling (949) 706-7776 to speak to a friendly representative. 

Preparation & Procedure

Emsculpt is a streamlined procedure where preparation is not needed. Simply come to your appointment refreshed and excited about achieving an athletic-looking body. 

You will lie back comfortably at your treatment session so our trained staff can place the Emsculpt device onto the targeted area. The HIFEM strength and pulsations will be adjusted to provide a comfortable yet effective experience. The technology works to trigger ultra-fast muscle contractions. These contractions communicate to the brain to distribute fat to muscle fiber so they can have a fresh supply of energy. This is how patients lose fat with HIFEM. Patients liken the experience to a slight “burn,” similar to a core workout. The process only takes 30 minutes and 20,000 contractions to complete. After your session ends, you can quickly resume your daily routine. 


Recovery is a breeze with an Emsculpt treatment. Once your session ends, you are free to get back to your busy life. However, some patients may feel minor soreness or twitching for 1-2 days following their treatment. After all, your body just went through a challenging workout session! In the meantime, it is okay to take it easy until you feel better to resume strenuous activities. 


Your body will gradually break down in the treated area as time passes. This is because your body needs time to discard the unwanted fat through the natural removal process. Once this happens, you’ll notice firmer, stronger muscles in the treated areas. Patients have seen their results last up to 12 months after their sessions. Patients may need additional treatments spaced over a few weeks to see optimal results. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Patients considering an Emsculpt treatment are pleased that Tehrani Plastic Surgery offers multiple body contouring treatments. We offer surgical and minimally invasive methods that adhere to our Body by Tehrani commitment. At your consultation, we may recommend these options:

  • VASER HI-DEF Liposuction: VASER liposuction is a minimally-invasive treatment that can offer a three-dimensional makeover of the abdomen, chest, arms, and shoulders. It utilizes gentle ultrasonic energy to break down fat, removes it through liposuction, and highlights targeted areas.
  • BodyTite: BodyTite is another easy, non-surgical option that provides flattering contours to your body. This body contouring procedure combines liposuction with radiofrequency waves to break down fatty tissue and tighten loose skin.
  • Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck: A tummy tuck gives patients a longer-lasting solution to getting a taut abdominal profile. This surgical solution is devoted to sculpting a flatter stomach by removing excess skin and fat while the surgeon repairs and tightens underlying muscles.


The final cost of an Emsculpt treatment will vary. We consider the number of sessions needed and additional procedures included in your treatment in the pricing. Tehrani Plastic Surgery is sensitive to your financial concerns. We are pleased to offer patients many financing options to make their treatment more accessible.


Does Emsculpt hurt?

Discomfort is kept to a minimum with Emsculpt. Patients may feel some soreness or twitching after treatment but this will go away within two days.

How long will my Emsculpt results last?

Long-lasting results can be maintained by living a healthy lifestyle filled with a well-balanced diet and routine exercise. Some patients have noticed results for up to 12 months. The longer you incorporate a healthy lifetyle, the more you can enjoy the powerful effects of Emsculpt. 

Do you lose weight with Emsculpt?

An Emsculpt procedure reduces fat around the targeted areas. As a result, you can also expect to lose some weight. However, this treatment is a body contouring method, not a weight loss program. The procedure is approved for healthy, stable-weight individuals who have a BMI of less than 30.


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