Be Naked Ready™

Consultations offered at our three convenient locations in La Jolla, CA, Apple Valley, CA and Newport Beach, CA

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At Tehrani Plastic Surgery, we believe that true confidence begins with feeling comfortable in your own skin. Our unique approach focuses on enhancing your natural beauty so you can feel as confident naked as you do in clothing. We understand that while clothes, underwear, and bras can conceal imperfections such as asymmetries and scars, our goal is to make you proud of your body in its most natural state.

We pride ourselves on

Scar Placement: Precision in scar placement to ensure minimal visibility, allowing you to embrace your body without concerns.

Symmetry: Achieving perfect symmetry, so you feel balanced and beautiful from every angle.

Attention to Detail: Every detail matters to us, from the initial consultation to the final result, ensuring a flawless transformation.

Why ‘Be Naked Ready’?

Our motto, ‘Be Naked Ready’, reflects our commitment to creating results that need no embellishment. It’s not about being glam-ready, summer-ready, or swimsuit-ready—it’s about being ready to stand confidently, completely natural, and without anything to hide.