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Does your skin make you look older than you feel? Do the wrinkles around your lips make you look like a smoker? Would you like to have skin that looks and feels young again, without the risks and downtime associated with aggressive surgical treatment? We have the solution for you.

For thirty years laser resurfacing has been the only way to achieve significant improvement in the texture and feel of your skin. CO2 laser has long been the standard for resurfacing and deep-wrinkle treatment, working by heating the skin to 800 degrees C, literally burning it away and creating open wounds that may take four or more weeks to heal; redness and swelling can last for up to three months. With laser skin treatment as many as one in five patients may develop permanent scarring and discoloration.

Before and After Photos

The procedure is safe and the results are extraordinary.

Tehrani Plastic Surgery is the first practice in the Inland Empire to offer cool helium plasma skin resurfacing, a new and exciting alternative to laser. Plasma is an energized (“ionized”) stream of gas, and due to the small size of the helium molecule, the treatment can be precisely customized to each patients needs and desired outcome.

The procedure does not require general anesthesia and is completed in our med-spa in under thirty minutes, with minimal discomfort during and after the procedure.