My New Breasts are Perfect!

When I first met you, you were just another nice doctor that I looked forward to dealing with at work. It’s a pretty short list! Never did I expect the impact you would have on my life. My reconstruction gave me something to look forward to during a very traumatic time in my life. My new breasts are perfect! So what if there’s a scar across the front of each one. Like my grandmother’s diamond that had a fleck of carbon in the exact center, the flaw only accentuated the perfection that surrounded it! Every time I look in the mirror I will think of you with a prayer of gratitude. You are a phenomenal surgeon and you have a quality that many great surgeons lack…you have a great personality and bedside manner. So, thank you for putting me back together even better than I was originally. I’m very blessed to be one of your patients.

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