A beginner’s look at facial fillers

If you come to our office unhappy with lines, folds or sagging in your face, you may already have in mind that fillers are the solution. And Juvederm and Restylane often are the answer for many of our patients. What might surprise you if you’ve never come to Tehrani Plastic Surgery for injectables is where we place the filler to have the best effect.

dermal fillersThe upper face affects the lower face

If you want to improve the appearance of your jowls, you might wonder why we would start injecting in the cheek area. Often, the best way to correct sagging in the lower face and jawline is with the “anatomic” filling method. We use the filler to replace volume where it has been lost in order to restore the overall youthful appearance of the face. We don’t look at wrinkles and sagging skin in isolation. Instead, we consider how losing volume in one area of the face affects other areas.

The triangle of youth

When we’re young, it’s natural for our faces to be broadest at the cheeks and narrower at the chin. Over time, however, tissue and bone is lost in the middle of the face, deflating the support system for the top and bottom. So skin starts to sag, and the face actually begins to slowly change shape, from a triangle to a trapezoid, forming jowls.

Fillers can disrupt the aging process by adding fullness to the cheeks, which:

  • Restores skin to its original position
  • Softens smile lines
  • Erases marionette lines
  • Lifts jowls

When we inject on top of the outer cheekbone, it has a lifting effect that tightens up the droopiness in the lower face.  Smile lines can still require direct injections, but we usually start mid-face.

There are limits to what fillers can do

The neck can become very loose or banded, and unfortunately for all of us, fillers can’t help. Same if you’re completely lacking in any elasticity, such as skin that has been severely sun damaged. The best way to find out if fillers can work for you is to make an appointment. Call today: (760) 240-2444.

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