The Benefits that Prevelle Can Bring to Your Skin

Inland Empire InjectablesHow do you maintain your facial skin on a daily basis? Do you wash it with clear water and soap every night? Do you eat fresh fruits and smile a lot to keep it young? Do you exercise regularly? These are very good things to practice and can add numerous benefits to your face. But the reality is that you can only do so much when the factors of aging and stress combine against you. In time, you will see unsightly changes on your face. They can be in the form of wrinkles or tiny facial lines and folds. Once these issues occur, no amount of fruit-eating, face-washing or exercising can undo the wrinkles and other signs of aging on your face. If you want to turn back the clock you can either undergo surgical or non-surgical facial procedures to reverse the aging process.

Surgical procedures these days have become highly advanced and innovative. Depending on your aesthetic needs, some of the facial surgeries that you can choose include facelift, lip augmentation and neck lift. When handled by a competent and experienced surgeon, you can expect to see dramatic results. However, surgery is not for everyone.

If you are hesitant to undergo a surgical operation for your wrinkles and facial lines, you can opt to use Prevelle dermal filler. It is an instant way to smooth moderate facial wrinkles or even acne scars without having to go through facial surgery. This dermal filler is composed of smooth gel that is in turn made mainly of hyaluronic acid (a substance naturally produced by the human body). Prevelle is a filler gel is safe for use, can provide instant results in a few hours, and requires little to no downtime. Moreover, the gel has anesthetic lidocaine that will provide comfort and lessen pain significantly during treatment.

Apple Valley Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tehrani will assist you in determining whether Prevelle is the right treatment for your facial skin condition. To schedule a consultation or inquire more about this treatment from Dr. Tehrani, please contact us at (760) 240-2444 or fill out this Contact Form.

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