3 Things you Should Know if you’re Considering a Tummy Tuck

abdominoplastyTummy tuck surgery, aka abdominoplasty, has been one of the leading cosmetic surgery procedures for several years running. We can see why! Who doesn’t like the idea of restoring slim, contoured abdominal muscles after having children or losing weight? This is no small fete for most people, even with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.
If this idea sounds good to you, and you are already dreaming of how good you will look after your procedure, the best thing you can do is gather all the information you can. The more informed you are, the more you can assure your own satisfaction from surgical care. Abdominoplasty is all about contouring; it is not about weight loss. For this reason, your starting level of fitness may factor in to the end result more than you imagine.

Let’s Gather, Shall we?
There are several aspects of tummy tuck surgery that you will want to investigate. Here, we will touch on just a few.

  1. Body balance is necessary. We don’t mean your ability to stand on one foot with your eyes closed. Where balance is necessary for tummy tuck surgery relates to childbirth. Since many women look into the Mommy Makeover after giving birth, it is important to discuss timing. The body takes six months or more to really get back into a state of hormonal balance after pregnancy. During this time, muscle and skin tissue also changes. To obtain the best possible results from abdominoplasty, it’s wise to have surgery after the body has settled in to its new state after this life event.
  2. Getting on your nerves. The tummy tuck procedure is performed through an incision that may run hip to hip, or farther. This means that nerves, as well as skin and muscle, will be affected. Most patients understand that they will experience post-surgical discomfort; but numbness could also occur, so it should be expected. As nerves regenerate sensation, numbness may turn in to tingling before sensation is reinstated. At that, it is possible that a slightly numb sensation may remain indefinitely.

Got a little extra baggage? Abdominoplasty is often combined with liposuction to dwindle down the midsection before tightening up the underlying muscle and overlying skin. What better time to remove lingering fat cells than during another beneficial surgery?

Abdominoplasty could be your ticket to the winning physique you have wanted. Contact us at 760-240-2444 to schedule a visit in Palm Springs, Apple Valley, or Laguna Beach.

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