A tummy tuck isn’t for everyone. But it might be for you

A lot of women – younger women, women who work out regularly, women who are careful about what they eat – might think that a tummy tuck procedure is something they would never consider. Young, lean fit people might not believe that anything could ever change significantly enough to cause them to consider belly-flattening plastic surgery.

Babies (can) change everything

Abdominoplasty / Tummy TuckOur abdominoplasty patients are everything from marathoners and triathletes to competitive bikers and weightlifters – and everything in between. What all these patients have in common is that they’ve always prided themselves on taking good care of their bodies. They’ve planned to fight the signs of aging with the basics: nutritious eating and consistent exercise. Some of them have already had a baby and their physique has bounced back fairly quickly – the jeans fit, the tummy has barely a mark. Then comes baby number two.

When exercise and diet aren’t the answer

After giving birth to their second (or third) child, moms can be left with separated abdominal muscles. This is actually a common post-pregnancy problem called diastasis recti. As a result, the belly can pooch out, despite losing all the pregnancy weight and getting back to a regular exercise routine.

Young moms are turning to plastic surgery

In the last 10 years or so, the number of tummy tucks performed in the U.S. has increased by close to 90%. And almost half of the procedures are for women in their 20s and 30s. The average profile for a tummy tuck patient is a mom under 35, often with two young children.

A puffy belly doesn’t have to be a fact of motherhood

Our patients understand that a tummy tuck can’t give them the stomach of an 18-year-old, and it can’t get rid of all their stretch marks. But abdominoplasty can improve the appearance of your stomach in ways most moms appreciate, especially when diet and exercise have made little difference. Make a consultation appointment to discuss your goals and get the information you need. A flatter, tighter stomach is possible, even after kids. Call today: (760) 240-2444.

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