Brachioplasty: The Basic Arm Lift

So, you are probably asking yourself: why would I need an arm lift? For that matter why would anyone? Like many cosmetic procedures, a Brachioplasty may be performed after major weight loss. When people shed a lot of extra poundage, the skin may not always bounce back or tighten up forming flaps under the arms. Under arm flaps may also form with age. These flaps can rub against the body and cause irritation. A Brachioplasty can alleviate this irritation and tighten the skin to reveal underlying muscle contours. After your consultation, the surgeon will recommend a specific form of anesthesia. This will depend on your medical history and medications but will usually entail a general with sedation. Incisions are place under the arm and excess skin is removed along with any excess fat, using liposuction, which may be present. Once the flaps are removed, the underlying tissue is formed and tightened. Once the procedure has been concluded, your recovery can begin. The surgeon will dress the incision sites and secure them with bandages. Drains may be placed under the skin to eliminate fluid buildup and pressure garments may be use to reduce swelling. Post-operative soreness and pain can be managed with prescription medication and recovery can take up to several weeks. Now you know what a Brachioplasty is, you may be wondering if you would make a good candidate.The ideal patient for an arm lift is a healthy person with realistic expectations for their results. Every person is different; therefore, the results will vary from patient to patient. Post-op recuperation plays a major role in the final look of your arm lift. Following physician instructions is absolutely imperative during this phase. Good candidates also have moderate to severe arm flaps that cannot be corrected with diet or exercise. In the final analysis, people were not meant to have “wings” under their arms. Not only can excess skin be unsightly, it can also become very uncomfortable. Selecting a surgeon to perform your Brachioplasty is a great first step!

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