Can a Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure Really Help my Sex Life?

The effects of childbirth and time can take a huge toll on the female anatomy. What’s more, it can also take a huge toll on female relationships and have psychological consequences as well. Over time, the vagina can become lax and lose muscle tone and childbirth can widen the vaginal canal, leaving a woman feeling embarrassed about her laxity.
In Orange County, a lot of women are opting for a procedure known as Vaginal Rejuvenation. Also known as a “designer vagina” a vaginal rejuvenation procedure generally encompasses a vaginoplasty and/or a labiaplasty. A vaginoplasty is a procedure designed to decrease the size of the vaginal canal and increase muscle tone; while a labiaplasty reforms long or asymmetrical vaginal lips.

When considering whether or not to have a rejuvenation surgery, it is important to understand the distinction between a reconstructive and cosmetic procedure. A reconstructive surgery seeks to improve the function of a defective or deformed body part, while a cosmetic procedure alters the appearance of normally functioning anatomy. While a vaginal rejuvenation procedure is a fairly new phenomenon, in recent years hundreds of women have had their vaginas re-sculpted to tighten the opening and improve the appearance of the labia.

A vaginal rejuvenation procedure is designed to improve on the natural consequences of time and childbirth. Many women perform what are known as Kegel exercises, which have been proven to increase vaginal muscle tone. A vaginal rejuvenation package picks up where these natural forms leave off.

The procedure also has a reconstructive component as well and is widely used to treat urinary incontinence or uterine proplapse. After those operations were performed, many women reported enhanced sexual feeling and greater reported satisfaction from their husbands. In the final analysis, a vaginal rejuvenation procedure is a success if it improves physical and psychological condition of the patient. Because sex involves not only the physical, but mental components of the human sexual experience any procedure that enhances that experience will ultimately enhance the patient’s self esteem. When women feel better about themselves their sexual satisfaction ultimately improves, as does their partners. A vaginal rejuvenation procedure has helped hundreds, if not thousands of women enhance self-esteem and their sex life.

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