I just want to look good in my bathing suit

Summertime is great and you can have a beach-ready body in a lot less time than you think! And, not everyone wants or needs a full-blown overhaul. Besides, those can take weeks or months and summer is here. Bigger is not always better. Sometimes, in the world of plastic surgery: less is more. Looking and feeling great is a matter of inches. Inches off your waist, inches added to your bust, and years off your appearance. What to do, what to do! So many choices and so little time. Relax, we are here to help.
The absolute first step in any successful elective procedure is selecting the right surgeon. Asking for referrals or browsing the Internet is a great place to start. If you are visiting a doctor’s website, be sure to check out his or her credentials. They should prominently displayed and readily available of the website. If your prospective surgeon does not hold board certification, keep looking. This should be a minimum standard in your selection criteria. Starting with the right surgeon will ensure that you look and feel your best. Now that you have chosen a candidate, schedule a one-on-one personal consultation. This is a vital part of the procedure and it will give you a chance to get to know the person who will transform your life.

The consultation phase will help discover what procedures you want, need, and have time to undertake. Liposuction can erase pounds and give you a lean, svelte look. A facelift can shave years off your appearance. A rhinoplasty combined with a Septoplasty can correct a myriad of health problems and leave your face looking streamlined and a bit younger. Many of these procedures can be done in one or two hours and on an outpatient basis; leaving you plenty of time to recover and ready to hit the beach! The important point to remember when considering plastic surgery is the quality of the doctor and your own personal goals. Choosing the right doctor and talking with him or her is a great place to start your summer transformation. As mentioned before, not everyone needs a complete overhaul for the sunny seasons. Maybe a little lift here and a tuck there will do the trick. Incremental procedures will also help speed recovery and mitigate your anxiety. So, come on in…the water’s great!

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