Safe, Confidential & Effective Vaginal Rejuvenation in Apple Valley

Many women take care of their body from head to foot.  This body care can extend to the vagina and its surrounding areas like the vulva and the labia. Over time, and typically after child-birth, the female genitalia tends to form irregularities that may affect the genitalia’s outward appearance. Some of these irregularities include the loosening of vaginal muscle tone and asymmetry between labia minor and labia major. The surgical procedure known as vaginal rejuvenation is the general term for fixing various issues relating to female genitalia. At his clinic in the Inland Empire, Dr. Tehrani is known for his professional expertise in performing safe vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Ali Tehrani, performs two main types of genitalia rejuvenation: vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. Vaginoplasty is intended to firm up or reshape the vulvo-vaginal area to achieve a much more youthful appearance. It is basically considered the “face lift” procedure for the vulva and vagina.

Labiaplasty, on the other hand, is intended to fix irregularities and asymmetries of the labia minor and labia major. Other labia related issues include redundant folds and the presence of excessive labia tissues. Both the vaginoplasty and labiaplasty surgeries can be aimed for functional or aesthetic purposes. These rejuvenating surgeries can improve sensation during sexual intercourse or enhance the genitalia’s visual appearance.

Dr. Tehrani and his staff look forward to meeting with you to confidentially and discreetly discuss your desires and needs for vaginal rejuvenation. Please call us at (760) 240-2444 or fill out this Contact Form to schedule your consultation.

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