The European Perspective: Subtlety Rules

An interesting trend is starting to emerge in the field of plastic surgery in the United States; and, it is that more patients are beginning to seek out more subtle changes in their appearance. In California’s High Desert and Orange County in particular, patients insist upon highest level of medical precision to achieve a natural-looking appearance. As an example, European trends in breast reshaping typically gravitate to smaller and more incremental changes in cup size to achieve a more subtle enhancement. By contrast, cosmetic patients in the United States characteristically tend to choose higher profile implants.

Similarly, typical facelift procedures performed in the United States differ from European counterparts such as patients in France and other European locales often choose more incremental degrees of tissue lifts.

A quick scan of the symmetries between Europeans and North Americans, Europeans generally present with a more understated appearance and both men and women tend to be much more discreet about plastic surgery enhancement they might have received. Therefore, to achieve a true European result it is crucial, for both face and breast procedures; to leave the patient with a subtle, natural looking appearance. These are the types of procedures that more and more Americans are choosing when undergoing plastic surgery. Recently released statistics have also demonstrated that patients in the Victor Valley and across the United States are looking for value for the long term.
This trend can be validated by the amount of individuals who actually undergo a cosmetic procedure and do not comment upon it or deny it outright. People want to look great and feel great; but patients in modern societies are inclining more and more toward more subtle changes that enhance their natural physical characteristics.

It is important to note that as with all cosmetic procedures, patients are encouraged to consult with a dedicated and experienced plastic surgeon and thoroughly research available options. Surgeons that have a demonstrated ability to consider the aesthetic elements of a plastic surgery procedure can be chosen by perusing the before and after photo portfolio available during the consultation.

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