Breast Enhancement – Inland Empire

Statistics shows that approximately two million women in the United States have breast implants and about 250,000 elect for this procedure each year. Surprisingly, the average age of these ladies is 34 and the majority of them go through the procedure after giving birth. Many women are seeking to look more like they did prior to having children. This shows that more and more women are concerned about the way they look, and that age isn’t a major factor for breast enhancement surgery.

What is breast augmentation? It is a surgical procedure wherein saline or silicone implants are placed under or on top of the chest muscle via incisions made under the breast, within the armpit, or in the lower edge of the areola.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure? Anyone who feels that her breasts are too small, women whose breasts are no longer firm due to pregnancy and delivery, people with discrepancies in breast size, and ladies who want their breasts to be full and round are all good candidates for breast augmentation.

Dr. Tehrani personally spends time with each patient to thoroughly understand their body type and expectations. As with any cosmetic procedure, a thorough medical history will be given to each prospective patient. The breasts will be examined and pictures may be taken for the medical records and for comparison for follow up visits after the procedure. Only after the examination will he decide on the best treatment plan and implant type for you.

You are invited to request a consultation with Dr. Ali Tehrani at his Apple Valley, CA plastic surgery practice. Dr. Tehrani and his staff look forward to personally meeting with you.

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