Larger breasts can be in your future

Breast AugmentationIf you’re unhappy with your breast size, you don’t need to be. You can have surgery (known more technically as augmentation mammoplasty) to enlarge the size of your breasts, which can also change and enhance the contour of your entire body for the better. Are you smiling?

Get ready to be happy

Patients come to us for breast augmentation for many reasons, including:

  • Loss of breast volume following pregnancy and nursing
  • Loss of breast volume after major weight loss
  • Sagging from aging
  • Sagging from weight loss
  • Breasts that are asymmetrical

Breast enlargement surgery may also include a lift procedure to correct sagging issues.

All about implants

At Tehrani Plastic Surgery, we use saline filled implants or the recently FDA approved silicone gel implants. Both of these implants can be placed using one of three standard surgical routes, either above or below your chest muscle.

Depending on you and your surgeon’s plan, the surgical incisions to place your implants can be:

  • Around the areola (periareolar)
  • In the lower breast folds (inframammary)
  • In the arm pits (transaxillary)

And saline implants can be placed via the navel (transumbilically)

Your implant is composed of a flexible outer silicone shell that may be smooth or textured, filled with either saline or silicone gel. Implants come in many sizes, profiles and shapes, which you will also chose based on your individual goals and your surgeon’s recommendation.

There’s a difference between improving size and matching shape

Breast augmentation surgery is designed to enlarge your breasts, but it can’t change basic “defects” in shape. You can expect that the surgery will provide a noticeable difference in the size, shape and/or orientation of your breasts. But if you have severe asymmetry issues, augmentation can’t totally correct the problem. If breast size and/or nipple position differences are severe, you may need to undergo additional surgical procedures to further improve symmetry.

Here’s why we think you’ll be happy

At Tehrani Plastic Surgery, we have many years of experience with breast enhancement surgery, and our patients report a high satisfaction with the procedure’s outcomes. Call for your consultation appointment today:(760) 240-2444.

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