Planning Breast Augmentation? Let’s Talk Exercise!

Breast AugmentationThe women who visit our Southern California plastic surgery offices for breast augmentation are quite diverse. One of the traits that many of them share is the interest in health and wellness. Exercise is an important aspect of our patients’ lives, and so it is the topic of some of their most pressing questions as they move toward obtaining the breast size and shape they have always wanted. Taking time off to recover after breast augmentation may feel like a chore, but it’s worth it. Here, we want to share a few suggestions on exercise after this important surgery.

DO . . .

  • Adhere to the instructions provided to you by our team. That means being patient and continuing to rest well even once you start to feel better. Dr. Tehrani provides clear direction on when workouts can begin, and to what level. He is familiar with the details of your case and will advise you accordingly. Trust that. If you have questions about what activities you may safely do, call us. We’re here to support  you in a full and healthy recovery.
  • Let your body lead. After surgery, there is no “mind over matter” getting back into your workout routine. That phrase “no pain, no gain” does not apply here. Let your body guide your post-surgery workouts for a time. You will need to regain some strength, stamina, and flexibility, and you will. Just be patient.
  • Rest is the name of the game right after your surgery, and for months after. When you are reintroducing exercise to your routine, add in a day of rest to your schedule. This will help you avoid strain and possible injury.

DON’T . . .

  • Push it. There is no harm in gradually getting back to your old norm. Remember that you’re body knows what to do, and it also knows what it needs.
  • Focus too much on upper body exercise at first. The muscles used in chest and arm exercises are affected in the breast augmentation procedure and will need to get reacquainted certain exercises more slowly. Dr. Tehrani will tell you when you may start working the upper body, and how to do so in the safest possible manner.

Forget to give the new girls support. A well-made sports bra could be your new best friend in the gym or on that run.

We are happy to answer questions you may have about breast augmentation or other cosmetic procedures. Contact us in Palm Springs, Apple Valley, or Laguna Beach by calling (760) 240-2444.


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