Questions About Breast Augmentation? We Have Answers!

Breast AugmentationAre you considering a breast augmentation procedure? It’s a major life decision, and we want you to be as prepared as possible. You likely have more than a few questions. To make the research process a bit easier, we’d like to provide you with the answers to the most common questions.

Is having breast augmentation surgery safe?

Every surgery is associated with some amount of risk. Breast augmentation is no different, but the risks are minimal. In general, breast augmentation is safe, as it’s become fairly routine in the United States.

What’s the difference between silicone and saline breast implants?

There are pros and cons to both silicone and saline implants. While they are both gel implants, material and consistency vary. Silicone implants have become more popular lately, as they often feel more natural. They’re filled then inserted, as opposed to saline implants that are filled after they’ve been inserted. Consult with your surgeon about which option is best for you.

How long is breast augmentation surgery?

Generally, a breast augmentation surgery lasts 1 to 2 hours, depending on the surgeon and the extensiveness of the procedure.

How long is the recovery process?

Depending on the patient, full recovery typically takes six weeks. Normal daily activities can usually be resumed as soon as a few days to a week after surgery. Rigorous activities, such as heavy lifting and exercise, can be resumed at your surgeon’s recommendation a few weeks post-surgery.

Will breast augmentation surgery leave permanent scars?

Scarring is typically minimal for most patients. Surgery requires a 1-inch incision under the armpit or along the rim of the areola. A skilled surgeon won’t leave a trace.

Will I be able to breastfeed with breast implants?

Most woman can breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery. Research also shows that breast milk quality and breastfeeding functionality are usually unaffected after the procedure.

Do breast implants need to be replaced over time?

Some women never need to replace their breast implants, but you should be prepared for the possible need for replacements in the future. Most breast implants last ten to fifteen years and include warranties for ten years.

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