Smaller Breasts may offer Advantages

Breast AugmentationHistorically, breast augmentation has been perceived as a dramatic procedure focused on significant enlargement. This is no longer an accurate depiction of the augmentation procedure. Today, a larger number of women are more interested in smaller implant sizes. There could be some reasons; one patient may simply want to add fullness where it has been lost, another may want to stay on the smaller side to maintain an authentic appearance.

Whatever the reason a woman may want augmentation with a smaller implant size, we aim to please. Our role in your breast augmentation journey is to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for yourself. Here are a few of the noted advantages of this choice:

  • Less sagging. Larger breasts, natural or otherwise, are more susceptible to ptosis or sagging. Regardless of implant size (or implants at all), women are encouraged to wear a good, supportive bra to minimize the risk of ptosis.
  • Less thinning. Part of the reason why breasts sag is tissue loss; part is thinned skin. The atrophy of skin and breast tissue is only natural. However, less tension placed on the skin means a slower progression of that atrophy, in most cases. This means perkier breasts for a longer period.
  • Hidden beauty. Breast implants that are smaller and complementary to natural body shape are less likely to be visible or palpable beneath superficial tissues. This is ideal, and it also supports the most natural appearance.

Finding the Right Size

If you have done your research on breast augmentation, you know this procedure is not about achieving a particular cup size. Every body is unique and will look best with a customized approach. In determining the most appropriate fullness, shape, and structure of implants, we take proportions into account. Weight and height and overall frame are most important, and these are details with which we take our time.

It is possible to obtain a virtual consultation for breast augmentation to get an idea of your potential “After” image. However, the best way to get the full extent of information you need is to visit us personally. We have offices in Palm Springs, Apple Valley, and Laguna Beach. Call (760) 240-2444 to arrange a consultation.




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