Breast Lift Surgery: Is It Right for Me?

Over time, a woman’s breasts can undergo significant changes, losing their firmness and shape. While there are a variety of reasons these changes take place, loss of skin elasticity can result from common factors including pregnancy and breastfeeding, drastic weight fluctuations, aging, and hereditary.

While many people confuse a breast augmentation with a breast lift; but, they are two completely different procedures. A mastopexy, more commonly referred to as a breast lift, is a procedure that raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding slack tissue to reshape the breast. The result is a firm breast that sits up higher and has a more youthful, perky appearance. Sometimes the areola becomes enlarged over time, and a breast lift will reduce this as well. A breast lift can rejuvenate your figure with a breast profile that is youthful and uplifted.

By contrast, a breast lift will not increase the size of the breast. It simply elevates and changes the shape. Should you desire fuller or larger breasts, a combination breast lift and augmentation may prove to be an appropriate course of action. Of course, these things will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Complications from a breast lift surgery are relatively uncommon. These procedures should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon and are generally rare. However, primary causes for concern are bleeding, infection, and scarring. On the unlikely occasion, there may be some irregularities concerning the incision sites. In these cases, scar revision procedures may have to be done.

In order to maximize recovery and minimize post-operative complications, it is imperative to limit your activities. The sutures are removed within a few weeks and recovery is usually complete within six weeks. The results from a breast lift surgery are usually permanent; however, as time progresses the skin will certainly continue to lose elasticity and may require further attention including a revision breast lift.

Breast lifts are popular procedures and are performed by plastic surgeons everyday in Orange County’s Newport Beach locales. A frank discussion with your surgeon about your physical condition and your desired results will determine if a breast lift procedure is right for you.

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