Demystifying Breast Augmentation

A mammaplasty, also known as the breast augmentation, is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures available; and, it is not just for Hollywood archetypal leading ladies. Breast augmentation may even be right for you. Many women choose a breast augmentation and the reasons are varied. Some elect the procedure after major weight loss or pregnancy, and some decide to have it because they are just dissatisfied with the shape or size of their breasts. If you are considering a mammaplasty, read on and we will provide you with all the information you need.

A common question patients have about the procedure is what kind of implant is right for me: silicone, saline, or a new type including fat grafting? These questions are best discussed with your doctor in the initial consultation. It should also be noted that implants are not guaranteed to last forever, and contingency plans should also be discussed. You should feel free to ask plenty of questions during the initial consult. Also be sure to ask about before and after photos. Plastic surgeons usually keep photos readily available for patients. Credentials are also an important part of any practice. Your doctor may give you some homework before the day of the surgery. He or she may modify any medications you are currently taking and get a baseline mammogram. If you take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, it is imperative to quit a few weeks before the procedure to mitigate any post-operative bleeding. Also, if you smoke, it is important to quit a few weeks before surgery to decrease chances of infection.

In order to derive the longest lasting benefits, patients should diligently follow all post-op care prescribed by their surgeon. Recovery from a mammaplasty usually takes 48 hours with the soreness and swelling dissipating after a few weeks. The results of breast augmentation surgery are usually long lasting and dramatic. Many patients report a boost of self confidence and instant improvement in their body image. Clothes fit differently and they are able to enjoy a fresh, fashionable wardrobe with their new look!

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