Getting to Know Silicone Implants (and Why They’re So Popular!)

silicone breast implants victorvilleThe recent stats are in! The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recently released the top cosmetic procedure report for 2013 and it looks like last year’s kings for both surgical and non-surgical procedures (breast augmentation and Botox respectively) have no plans at all in leaving their thrones.

As for last  year, one thing we noticed here at our Victorville breast enhancement surgery practice is the increasing number of women who are showing interest in silicone implants. Such anecdotal observation is surprisingly supported by the recent statistics of ASPS: use of silicone implants in breast augmentation increased to 72 percent in 2013 from 62 percent in 2012. 

A Quick Look on the History of Silicone Implants

The first use of silicone implants was in the spring of 1962. Three decades later, the FDA decided to remove silicone implants in the market due to lawsuits and allegations that the implants increased a woman’s risk of connective tissue and autoimmune diseases. Between 1992 and 2005, the use of silicone implants was only allowed in clinical studies re-evaluating its use in breast augmentation and reconstruction. Later in 2006, the FDA re-approved silicone use in breast augmentation for women above 22 years old as well as breast reconstruction. There was no solid link found between silicone use and the alleged adverse effects it had in women’s health. 

Why Silicone Implants Are So Popular

One of the main reasons why silicone implants are so popular has to do with their natural feel and look (than saline implants) which a lot of women prefer. Furthermore, they have a lower deflation rate and do not cause rippling. Lastly, they can be easily placed above the muscle (subglandular placement). A subglandular placement makes recovery time easier and shorter and there is no distortion when muscles are flexed. 

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