Victorville Breast Augmentation: Deciding on Your Implant Placement

Breast Augmentation VictorvilleAside from implant type and size, one of the most common breast augmentation concerns here at our Victorville breast implant practice is implant placement. Should you have it placed over or under the muscle? Although either placement is an excellent option, it all depends on your cosmetic goals, preferences, family history of breast cancer, and future plans of breastfeeding/childbirth. Let’s find out below!

The Sub-muscular Placement (Under the Muscle)

By and large, placing implants under the muscle is recommended if:

  • you choose to have saline implants (to avoid rippling which is common in saline implants)
  • you only have a small amount of natural breast tissue
  • you have a family history of breast cancer 

Its advantages include the following:

  • Offers more support resulting in less sagging
  • Rippling and implant edges are less likely to happen or may not occur at all
  • More natural-looking
  • Reduced risk of capsular contracture
  • Mammogram and other imaging systems are easier to obtain

On the other hand, its drawbacks include:

  • Limitation on implant size
  • More difficult to place
  • More painful and longer recovery
  • Increased risk of  the implant “bottoming out”

The Sub-glandular Placement (Over the Muscle)

A subglandular placement is ideal if:

  • you choose to have silicone implants (does not require extensive tissue coverage for a good-looking shape)
  • you have great amounts of natural breast tissue

The advantages of an over-the-muscle placement are:

  • easier to place
  • sharply-defined cleavage
  • less painful and shorter recovery
  • larger implants could be used
  • no distortion when chest muscles are flexed (perfect for bodybuilders)

Disadvantages include the following:

  • implants may be more visible and palpable
  • increased chances of rippling when using saline implants
  • Increased chances of capsular contracture

Breast Augmentation in Victorville and Neighboring Areas

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