Will Exercise Lift Sagging Breasts?

breast liftExercise and a healthy diet are excellent solutions to a few key factors in overall wellness. However, to claim that the performance of any particular exercise could produce a desired outcome is tricky. To say that crunches, sit-ups, or planks can tighten the tummy is one thing. But to say that fly’s and bench presses will bring the breasts up to a better position on the chest wall is something else entirely. This is just what many women find online, though. Numerous sites tout the use of exercises targeting the pectoral muscles for producing perkier, lifted breasts. Sad to say, this is not the reality for any woman. Here’s why . . .

It’s a Tissue Thing
Breast tissue sits on top of the pectoral muscles. It is in the tissue where problems begin. As we age, we experience a natural loss of volume. This is noticed in the cheeks and temples, so why wouldn’t it be noticed in the breasts, as well? In this area, there are also other factors at play. During pregnancy and childbirth, the breasts enlarge, then they deflate to their “normal” size. Weight gain often results in more breast tissue; so losing weight is also a way for breasts to lose volume. Looking at it this way, you can see that the muscle that lies beneath tissue has no supportive role in where the breasts sit on the chest wall.

Lifting Breasts the Right Way
There is no value in spinning your wheels. If you want a tighter, toned body, exercise is definitely something you want to engage in on a regular basis. If you want breasts that sit higher and have a curvier profile, your solution is to consult with your trusted cosmetic plastic surgeon about breast lift surgery. This procedure involves reshaping existing tissue and removing excess skin that is allowing that tissue to droop. In some cases, patients also choose to round out their breasts with implants. However, that is not a mandated inclusion to attain results that are right for your physique.

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