A Closer Look at Breast Reduction at Tehrani Plastic Surgery


Although breast augmentation is quite popular these days, particularly with the FDA’s approval of new implant types, there’s also a segment of the female population who wants just the opposite; they want a breast reduction.  Here at our Inland Empire cosmetic surgery practice, men and women alike drop by for personal consultations to ask about their breast reduction options.

So what exactly happens during a breast reduction? Let’s take a closer look.

Dr. Tehrani aims to reduce breast size and improve breast contours at the same time in a breast reduction procedure. The surgery is often performed under general anesthesia.

Common Incisions Used in Breast Reduction

Below are the the common incisions used in the procedure:

1. Incision Done Around the Areola – The main incision is done around the areola which makes it possible to remove excess skin, fat, and the surrounding tissues. This type of incision is recommended for women with excellent skin elasticity which makes it easier for the breasts to adapt to its new shape.

2. Anchor-Like Incision – This incision is also done around the areola but is shaped like an anchor, initially  extending on a vertical direction towards the breast folds and ends up in both directions along the folds.

3. Keyhole Incisions – This incision begins around the areola and continues down to the the breast folds via a keyhole-shaped pattern. This type of incision will most likely leave vertical scarring along the breast folds.

During your personal consultation with Dr. Tehrani, your incision options will be one of the things that will be discussed. Your aesthetic preferences, needs and desires will be considered as well.  You should know that regardless of the incision style you choose, breast reduction almost always involves repositioning the nipples to above their original location.

Breast Reduction in Men

Breast reduction isn’t just for women. Our breast contouring procedures also cater to men who wish to reduce the size and shape of their breasts, specifically with men who have gynecomastia or abnormal breast enlargement. While the exact cause of this condition is unknown, a combination of genetics, medications, weight issues, and hormonal changes are associated with it.

Inland Empire Breast Reduction

To learn more about breast reduction at Inland Empire, call today to book your appointment at the Tehrani Plastic Surgery clinic- where your comfort and convenience are considered priorities. Contact us at (760) 240-2444 or fill out this contact form. We look forward to your visit!

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