Flat chested women, you might not understand

With an apology to any woman who has spent a few years or all of her life feeling self-conscious or unhappy about a flat chest, there are actually some women who would give anything to be you. In fact, there are thousands of women living with large breasts that make them miserable – they might say a lot unhappier than any woman planning on having implants someday. And they have plenty of reasons to feel this way.

Natural-born, large-breasted women sometimes report that their chests make them feel fat and awkward. Some say they can’t effectively participate in sports. And many large-breasted women suffer with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain from the sheer weight. Some have constant skin irritation along their bra straps and under the breast folds. They can feel tight and uncomfortable in every bra style they ever try. They can be embarrassed by the attention their breasts give them. They can feel like they never look good in any style of clothes.

Breast reductionBut just as with women who seek to improve their appearance and self-esteem with breast augmentation to enlarge their breasts, there is a safe, effective procedure that can do the same for large-breasted women.

Improving on the large breast by making it smaller, and…
During the surgical procedure, breast tissue, fat and skin are removed to create smaller, shapelier breasts. For women with droopy breasts, the nipple can be lifted to its proper position. The areolae can also be reduced to appear more symmetrical.

Surgery isn’t the only option
Some breast reduction patients are candidates for reducing volume via breast fat liposuction-liposculpture or breast contouring using breast skin resection.

For some women, a breast reduction improves every aspect of life
Breast reduction doesn’t only reduce the size of a woman’s breasts. The surgery is designed to also improve the overall appearance of the breast by creating a balanced shape. It also helps improve or completely eliminate neck, shoulder and back pain caused by large breasts.

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