Why men choose breast surgery

gynecomastiaWhen it comes to breast surgery, the majority of the information is targeted toward women, interested in augmentation, lifts and reductions. But gynecomastia, or unwanted male breast development, is a problem that deserves attention, affecting many men for a variety of reasons.

Understanding causes of gynecomastia

The condition can affect men due to:

  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Certain drugs, such as hormones or steroids
  • Fatty tumors
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Aging

In some cases, there is no specific cause for a man to have excess breast fat and tissue.

Treatment of gynecomastia

Some men are able to manage the condition by stopping the use of drugs that cause gynecomastia or by losing weight. But for many others, surgery is the best solution. We use the following techniques:

  • Conventional or laser assisted liposuction-liposculpture
  • Direct excision, supplemented with liposuction-liposculpture

The choice of techniques depends on the individual and amount of excess breast tissue, fat and degree of breast droop.

Male breast reduction issues

The different techniques also come with different types of scars, but they can usually be hidden in the breast contours and around the areola.

Gynecomastia after weight loss

Surgery after weight loss often requires longer incisions and more contouring due to the amount of excess skin, tissue and even fat. The goal is to create a masculine, natural-looking chest area with scars that are discreetly positioned.

Gynecomastia to remove excess glandular tissue

Most gynecomastia surgery uses a U-shaped incision around the lower edge of the areola. That way scars can blend in with the skin. Younger men with skin that has better elasticity can especially benefit from this technique. If the tissue and fat removal leaves excess skin, it must be removed to achieve the proper contour.

Scars fade with time

In the first few months after the surgery, scars can appear red, but will continue to improve over a year. Additional post-surgery scar reduction techniques can include:

  • Scar massage
  • Steroid injections
  • Laser treatments
  • Surgical treatment

If you or someone you know is unhappy with the appearance of their chest area, for any reason, a consultation appointment could be the first step toward renewing self-confidence. Call today: (760) 240-2444.


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