Lifting the Brow Line: Surgery or Injections?

Brow Lift CALife has a way of showing up on our face. Primarily, the natural aging process is what leads to common problems such as lines and wrinkles. On the uppermost part of the face, though, we can recognize signs of living. For example, frown lines may indicate a lot of worries, or a simple sensitivity to sunlight. Crow’s feet tell us that we have had a lot of laughter over the years. Sagging brows? All we see from sagging brows is that a person looks tired or angry as if life has handed them more than they would like.

Are you troubled by the drop of your brows? How about the heaviness of your upper eyelids? These concerns are common, and there are solutions that can all but erase their presence on your face. Here, we want to discuss the two most common options for lifting the sagging brow: injectibles and brow lift surgery.

The Non-Surgical Brow Lift

A large percentage of the people we speak with express an interest in refreshing the appearance of the tissue around their eyes without having to undergo surgery. We understand that the surgical correction of facial aging can sound complicated and feel intimidating. When possible, we use injectible products to reduce the downward pull on the brow.

Botox is go-to for non-surgical brow lifting. This injectible is known for reducing problems such as worry lines or frown lines, but there is a positive effect that can be achieved when the neuromodulator is administered to the appropriate area along the brow line. With precision technique, we can relax muscle tension above and just at the brow line to restore height. In so doing, it is possible to also notice a decrease in heaviness in the upper eyelid.

The Surgical Brow Lift

Injections are beneficial and will most often achieve a noticeable lift. However, the degree of lift that can be accomplished using non-surgical treatment does have an upper limit. When the upper eyelids are severely impacted by the downtrodden brow line, surgery may be the most appropriate option for rejuvenation. Brow lift surgery, also called an upper facelift or forehead lift, may be performed through incisions at the hairline either near the top of the forehead or at the temples. Another option is to place incisions in a fold of skin above the brow line. Dr. Tehrani selects incision type and additional details of surgery after a thorough examination and consultation.

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