Keep Your Chin Up!

image-faceMany people decide to surgically reshape some of their features. Whether to reconstruct your appearance after a deforming accident, to feel younger, or to simply change their look, plastic surgery can change your life for the better. However, these chirurgical procedures are expensive and can be quite risky at times, so it is important to get as much information as possible and choose the very best surgeons and clinics. Here at Tehrani Plastic Surgery, we can help you.

A big percentage of surgeries done involve the face. After all, it is the first thing others see when they meet you. Studies show that most people find symmetry in your face more pleasing. You might not consciously notice that you are attracted to certain geometrical patterns or shapes, but you are—especially when it comes to facial structure. We can help you achieve the perfect look you want through many different procedures.

Chin augmentation is one of these options. Even though you might not suspect that changing the chin will make a difference, it can. Many people have a chin that is too small for their faces. It may look like your chin has been smashed up into your face. No matter your reasons for wanting a new look, reshaping and restructuring your chin will make a world of difference in your sex appeal or youthful mood. You can change your chin from flat to round and defined.

Generally, chin augmentation is not the only surgery you will have, often being grouped with facial liposuctions or nose jobs. There are two options for chin augmentation. The doctor will either insert an implant or use injections in conjunction with your own tissue and bones. Whatever way you choose to go, the operation is a simple one that follows these steps:

1. A small incision is made on the patient’s face, either below the chin or in the mouth.
2. A biodegradable implant is placed above the chin. It has a similar texture to the surrounding area of the body.
3. The implant is secured to make sure it remains properly fixed in place after the surgery.
4. The incision is carefully sutured closed.

Even if it’s not as showy as procedures performed on the nose or eyes (they always get all the merit), chin remodeling is surprisingly effective.

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