The chin is in the spotlight, here’s how yours can be a star

When it comes to our efforts to erase the signs of aging on our faces, most of us have been spending our time on forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. Prepare yourself for a new area of focus: those areas below the lips. It’s time for the chin to get the attention it needs and deserves.

Chin enhancementPutting your chin in the right light
Some of us are simply born with a chin that is too small for our faces. And as we age, our chins can begin to loose their firm, smooth appearance. Whatever the reason, that sunken look to what should be a defined chin projection can make the whole face appear unattractive. So men and women seek surgical procedures to improve the appearance of the chin – which can improve the appearance of the face and the neck.

Smoothing wrinkles still matters, but…
It’s true that we still put the majority of our anti-aging work into ridding ourselves of facial wrinkles. But turns out, our next biggest concern after wrinkles is our sagging jowls and less-defined jawlines. So it makes sense that surgical procedures that can help improve the appearance of our chins would be growing in popularity.

A trendy new chin obsession — the V-line
It refers to a chin shape that is more pointed and a jawline that’s more angular, square-ish and defined. The story is that this new interest in a v-line chin started with an ad showing a woman putting her chin between two bottles of tea without knocking them over. The idea spread virally with people trying the trick and posting pics on social media sites.

Non-surgical chin treatments
V-line methods include everything from massage techniques to face masks that pull the chin up and hold it there, to serums and tonics and creams with ingredients that claim to tighten and lift the chin. More realistically, we’ve seen the introduction of a new injectable that dissolves fat under the chin, helping to define the jawline.

Keep your chin up
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