5 Myths About Facelift Surgery

FaceliftDo you want to look younger? A facelift could be the right cosmetic procedure for you.

However, facelifts still carry a bit of a stigma from decades past before surgeons had perfected the procedure. In an effort to clarify the misconceptions, here are the five most common myths about having a facelift proven false:

MYTH: A facelift will make my face look artificial, like plastic.

FACT: An experienced surgeon will make your facelift results look nearly undetectable. In the past, the facelift technique entailed the surgeon simply pulling back the skin, making the face look tight and distorted. New technology allows surgeons to use more skilled techniques to actually lift the skin and associated tissues, fill areas with lost volume with fat from elsewhere in the body, and resurface the skin.

MYTH: Every facelift looks the same.

FACT: Each facelift is carefully designed to meet the needs of the patient. The surgeon must gather information from the patient regarding their needs and desires for how they want their face to look.

MYTH: Facelifts are for people who are older than me.

FACT: People of every age can get facelifts to meet their goals. If you want to halt the signs of ageing by tightening loose skin, reducing the presence of a prominent jowl, or smoothing wrinkles, a facelift may be the right procedure for you… regardless of age.

MYTH: Scars from facelift surgery will be very noticeable.

FACT: Again with the recent developments in plastic surgery technology, incisions are minimal and nearly invisible after the healing process. Even if you keep a short haircut or like to pull your hair back, a skilled surgeon won’t leave a trace. Be sure to check out your surgeon’s before and after gallery for a better idea of expected results.

MYTH: Facelift surgery will result in a long, painful recovery process.

FACT: When once a facelift required six to eight weeks of uncomfortable downtime, this is no longer the case. Recovery time nowadays lasts only ten to fourteen days. Plus, patients experience minimal discomfort if the procedure was completed well.

You deserve to feel young and fresh… always! Don’t let a few misconceptions deter you from having the face you want. Hopefully this information shed some light on facelift surgery.

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