My Face is Saying What?

faceliftEven though you take good care of your skin and present yourself as well as you can, you may not give much thought to the idea that the natural features of your face are sending messages about you. Many people today are aware that the smile is a major source of communication; that it can be subconsciously translated into character traits such as friendly and sincere, or unfriendly and lazy, depending on the condition of teeth. Did you know, though, that your face, as a whole, is doing something very similar?

Face-reading has been used in various cultures pretty much since the dawn of time. For centuries, it provided a valuable service, alerting humans to the intentions of others (eat or be eaten kind of thing).

Today, we still engage in a sort of “facial profiling,” stereotyping people based on the shape of their face, the size and shape of their lips, and even the characteristics of their forehead. Yes, we find that interesting, too.

Here are some of the fascinating facts related to face shape.

  • A round face gives you the appearance of being sensitive and emotional.
  • A square face indicates an ambitious and dominating personality.
  • A triangle shape could mean that you are energetic, though you don’t have much stamina.
  • A oblong shape suggests that you are deliberate, and that you may be a workaholic.

This goes even farther. In one study, it was discovered that people with a “baby face,” a rounded shape with large eyes and a smaller chin, were perceived as more innocent and trustworthy. On the contrary, people with mature facial features were actually viewed as less trustworthy. A study conducted by Brandeis University researchers found that, in court cases, defendants with that innocent baby face were found not guilty more often than more mature faces when the charge was intentional harm. Conversely, when the charge was some type of accidental harm, a baby face more often led to a guilty verdict.

Perfecting Facial Features
It’s no wonder cosmetic procedures have become increasingly popular in recent years. It may not always be that we want to look younger, but that we want our features to reflect who we really are; and now we can, thanks to surgical expertise as well as non-surgical solutions.

Are you ready to bring out your best features? Schedule a visit with us to see how that can be achieved.

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