To Lift or Not to Lift: Is there a Right Age for Facelift Surgery?

Face LiftLax skin, lines and wrinkles, flatter cheeks, and sagging jowls are inevitable consequences of aging. However, we live in a time where we have choices. Inevitability does not have to mean acceptance, as it once did. No, if you are concerned with such changes taking place on your face, you have more than one way to handle these problems. The question is, how will you do this, and when will you do this? One of the questions we frequently hear from men and women of a very wide age range is “am I too young (or old) to get a facelift?.” The answer is not so cut-and-dry.

Considering the value of any procedure is wise, especially when you are thinking about making changes to your face. These changes may not be permanent, but they will be evident for years. For those wondering if they may be past the ideal age for a facelift, research out of the Cleveland Clinic may be reassuring. Researchers of this study concluded that there was no significant increase in complications in facelift patients over the age of 65 compared to younger patients in the study.

The Question of Timing
The question about when may be the right time to schedule facelift surgery is more about the unique characteristics of your facial structure rather than your biological age. Patients who choose to lift the skin and tissue on their face range in age from 40 to 60 and beyond, when they feel that they pay more attention to their wrinkles or sagging jaw line than other aspects of their appearance.

The relevant factors we look at include the expectations of the patient, the angles of the jaw line and chin (sagginess), the laxity of the skin, and its overall quality. General health, of course, is also a critical consideration. Each of these factors is unique and not fully dependent on age. A person’s genetic makeup and lifestyle, as well as his or her use of other anti-aging treatments such as cosmetic injectables, play a role in the timing of a facelift.

If facelift surgery is on your radar, the best way to know how to know what timing is the right timing is to schedule a no-obligation consultation with your cosmetic plastic surgeon. Dr. Tehrani has offices in Laguna Beach, Apple Valley, and Palm Springs. During a consultation visit, you can discuss your points of concern, as well as what you want to achieve. The discussion you have could make all the difference in how you approach facial rejuvenation.

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