A few surprising (and reassuring) facts about lip fillers

facial fillersWhether you’re looking to alter the shape of your lips, increase their volume or take your aging lips back to their former more youthful appearance, filler injections can provide fairly instant results. We’d like to say that lip filler is an almost instantly “noticeable” and “dramatic” solution, which it is. But we don’t want you to think that your lips can’t also look perfectly natural with fillers. In fact, most of our patients are looking for lips that improve their appearance without drawing unwanted attention. And it’s totally possible.

Lip injections can make your lips look better — and natural

If you’ve never had lip injections, you might think that fillers can only make your lips look fake or strange. There are definitely some lips that have been overfilled or not injected by an experienced professional with any eye for the aesthetic. When fillers are used by a licensed, trained and board-certified professional who understands facial anatomy, the results can indeed be stunningly natural.

It’s not a lifetime commitment

Another common fear is that once you start getting lip filler injections, your lips will look weird and bad if you ever stop. Not true. Your lips will not get saggy or wrinkly if you decide to stop having injections. They will simply go back to how they looked prior to fillers.

Before you fill

Consult with your doctor about the type of look you’re hoping to achieve. You may discover that your “inspiration” has lips that might look unnatural for your face – and that’s the kind of feedback that’s invaluable and key to getting the best results possible. Your lip fillers can be your own business when you’re careful not to overdo it.

Fearing the pain?
Most patients do fine with simple topical anesthetic applied all around the lip area, and stronger injectable numbing is also available. After about 15 minutes, the injections of hyaluronic acid fillers can begin. And most patients describe the pain as mild to moderate – during the injections and over the next couple of days.

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