Anti-aging Treatments are Keeping Men in the Game

Non-Invasive Procedures for MenWhen we think of plastic surgery, or even the latest injectable treatments, we may immediately jump to the conclusion that most procedures are tailored to women’s needs. As society continues to evolve into being more image-conscious, we are seeing an ongoing rise in the number of men wanting to get in on the anti-aging action. At Tehrani Plastic Surgery, men can find just as much benefit in cosmetic treatments as women.

Several years ago, we started hearing the term “Brotox.” This was an indicator that men were beginning to feel free to discuss their concerns related to aging. While the common message has been that wrinkles on a man’s face make him appear wise, the reality is that many older men are finding it difficult to maintain a cutting edge in a marketplace that seemingly caters to their younger counterparts. Botox is an easy way to ease those “worry lines” and to create a more friendly, energetic vibe by lifting a heavy brow.


Botox is an injectable solution that works on muscles. Fillers work on tissues. Specifically, they fill in areas of depression, such as lines and creases around the mouth or nose. Fillers can even be used to restore more defined angles across the jaw line, cheeks, and nose.


Blepharoplasty is also referred to as eyelid surgery, or an eyelid lift. This procedure is one of the most common requests from male patients who want to refresh their appearance. In addition to removing fatty deposits that cause under eye bags or puffy upper eyelids, this procedure can also be tailored to release the heavy brow, creating a more open, friendly appearance.

Neck lift

The statistics on men and neck lift surgery may seem interesting; but it makes sense when you think about it for just a minute. Many men wear dress shirts, and the tightness of the collar can do one of two things (or both): it may create a “turkey neck” by pushing up on loose skin, or it may cause physical discomfort. Neck lift surgery removes the fat and skin that give the appearance of age.

We applaud men for seeking solutions for their cosmetic concerns, and lend a hand by providing personal surgical and non-surgical treatments.


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