5 Indications That You May Need a Facelift

It happens to all of us: we age and gravity starts taking over. Our once youthful appearance has been replaced by a creased, weathered appearance that mocks us in the mirror every morning. We take great care of ourselves; eat right, we exercise but still, we cannot stop Mother Nature from painting us with an aging brush. Perhaps it is time for that facelift we have been considering. After all, what’s wrong with looking a decade younger? A rhytidectomy, more commonly known as a facelift, might just be the ticket to help us look as young as we feel.

Facelifts are a common procedure performed by plastic surgeon and a favorite way for celebs to keep themselves looking young. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, facelifts were among the top five most common procedures from 2000 to 2004. But are you sure it’s right for you? How do you know you would be a good candidate? Here are five indications that you might need a facelift:

  1. Deep creases along the eyes: those deep valleys in your face can make you look a lot older than need be, especially if they follow the nose to the corners of your mouth.
  2. Mid-face sagging: sometimes the skin in the middle of the face loses its elasticity and starts resembling a half-empty gunny sack.
  3. Loose skin and fat deposits under the skin and jaw can make even a person of normal weight look years older.
  4. Displaced or fallen fat: dramatic weight loss can have marked effects on the shape of the face. Drooping skin and fallen fat deposits can contribute to an older looking face.
  5. Loss of muscle tone: as we age, our muscles can undergo atrophy or start losing tone. If this happens in the facial area, unsightly jowls can appear.

If you notice any of these indications, you may want to schedule a consultation for a facelift. Getting a face lift is not something to be embarrassed about nor is it only for celebs or the super-rich. A full face lift can be done in about two or three hours. Each face lift is highly personalized to fit your unique facial characteristics; but, overall, the goal of a face lift is to make you look younger. While a face lift cannot stop the aging process, it goes a great length to slow it to a crawl.

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