A Peek at Your Face Lift Appointment

image-mini-faceliftBeing one of the most commonly-sought plastic surgery procedures these days, many of us already have an idea of how a face lift works and the benefits that it brings. Yes, the treatment can take a couple of years off from your face, but do you actually know what happens during the day of your face lift appointment?

If you are anxious about the treatment, perhaps getting to know what happens during the procedure can take your fears away.

Being the most extensive method in improving the appearance of wrinkles and restoring the integrity of sagging facial skin, a surgical face lift is a comprehensive procedure that should be done only by a qualified surgeon.

After determining that you are indeed eligible for the procedure, you will be placed either under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation before undergoing the procedure. Local anesthesia may also be administered to numb the skin. Next, your surgeon will create an incision starting from the temple area and along the front of your ear. Once the cuts are made, the skin is raised while the underlying muscles and tissues in the area are tightened. In some cases, some fat and excess skin may be removed to create a taut face.

Once certain manipulations have been done, skin is then re-draped over the face. The incisions are then closed with sutures. The wound will be covered in dressings and you will be transferred to a recovery area.

Immediately After Your Face Lift Surgery

A typical face lift usually takes several hours to complete. After this time, you may already be advised to go home or spend the night in the clinic, if your condition requires you to. Some pain and discomfort can be felt after the procedure, yet this can be relieved with prescription pain medications. Most patients worry about the scars left behind by the procedure; however, Dr. Tehrani makes sure that scars are found in inconspicuous places.

Face Lift in Inland Empire

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