Brow Lift Surgery: For Ugly Lines Across The Forehead

What is a brow lift and how can it help me? 
Inland Empire Brow LiftA brow lift surgery may also be called a “forehead lift” or “browplasty”. If you have loose upper eyelid skin or the presence of wrinkles, puffy pouches of fat, and worry lines in the forehead/upper eyebrow area, then a brow lift surgery can help you regain your youthful appearance without the need of a full facelift.

In some cases, a forehead lift may be conducted for functional reasons. One example is when a person’s eyebrow is significantly drooping so that it actually obstructs one’s vision. In most cases, though, the browplasty surgery is performed for aesthetic reasons.  People choose to remove worry lines running across the forehead, eradicate sagging upper eyelid skin and wrinkles, or fix low eyebrow position and asymmetry. These procedures can improve a patient’s tired, aging look and disproportionate appearance.

At his Cosmetic Plastic Surgery practice serving the Inland Empire and Apple Valley, CA, Dr. Tehrani offers different approaches to a brow lift surgery.  As a highly experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Tehrani recognizes that each patient needs a specific cosmetic treatment for the issues encountered in the upper eyebrow region so he offers the endoscopic (minimal incision) approach, the direct lift, and the mid-forehead pre-tracheal (at or in front of the hair line).  Dr. Tehrani will discuss with each patient the positives and negatives of undergoing a browplasty – including the potential risks and recovery procedures necessary. Sometimes, he may even recommend a different surgery or a combination of several procedures depending on the patient’s aesthetic needs.

If you are currently contemplating whether or not a forehead lift is suitable for you, then contact Dr. Tehrani for a personal consultation by calling our office at (760) 240-2444. You may also arrange for a consultation by filling out this Consultation Request Form.

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