Chin Augmentation in Inland Empire

A small or short chin is typically referred to as a ‘weak chin as opposed to someone with a ‘strong chin’. The difference is that a short chin is usually too small for your face, makes your nose appear longer, and creates imbalance to your facial features. Because of general perceptions, the person with a ‘weak chin’ structure may view themselves as weaker or less attractive as someone else – gradually eroding their confidence in the process. To solve these unpleasant effects to your facial aesthetics, you might consider a surgical procedure known as chin augmentation.

Generally, there are two ways to correct your short chin and strengthen your jawline: 1. Implant Enhancement or 2. Surgical Reduction on the bone. The highly skilled Inland Empire Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ali Tehrani will spend time with you in a personal consultation to determine the most appropriate chin surgery for you. At the Tehrani Plastic Clinic, you can expect exceptional care and instruction from the entire staff.

What is the main purpose of chin surgery?
The purpose is to strengthen your chin structure and jawline to provide a symmetrical and natural balance to your facial contour.

How is chin surgery performed?
Chin augmentation
surgery is typically performed by inserting a small synthetic implant over the natural bone. This sterile implant, which has a similar consistency of a human chin, is intended to increase the chin projection. The small incisions for the implant are placed inside the mouth or underneath the chin so they are barely noticeable.

Can the augmentation be combined with other cosmetic surgeries?
Yes. As a matter of fact, it is quite common that a chin surgery is performed together with facial liposuction or rhinoplasty. This is undertaken in order to attain more comprehensive facial enhancement results.

Is there any risk in having the surgery?
Like any surgical procedure, a chin surgery entails some degree of risk. There may be minor complications but they won’t affect the surgical outcome. Major complications are very rare. At your consultation, Dr. Tehrani and his staff will carefully explain all of the risks and benefits.

With the attention to detail that Dr. Tehrani provides in performing surgeries, you can be assured of a satisfying outcome at his Inland Empire Clinic. Schedule a personal appointment with Dr. Tehrani by calling him at (760) 240-2444 or, alternatively, fill out this Online Request Form.

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