Get that facelift; you’re not getting any younger

All of us want to look great and feel great about how we look. As much as we try, the affects of age continue to invade our appearance despite our best efforts and intentions. While no one can ever actually stop the aging process, expert plastic surgeons in Southern California’s High Desert can drastically slow it down. If you ever wondered how a facelift could improve your looks or self-confidence; you are in the right place! Facial plastic surgery is the answer to correct facial flaws and signs of premature aging that often subvert self esteem.

Many people ask themselves if they might be a good candidate for a facelift. Usually, the best candidates include patients who have some wrinkling and sagging facial skin; but, still retain skin elasticity. This type of plastic surgery get the best result from people in their forties, fifties, and sixties; however, it has been shown effective on patients into their eighties. There are several types of facelifts that are available in the High Desert’s Victor Valley. Here are a few options available to the discerning patient looking to shave a few years off their appearance:

Mini Lift: perhaps one of the less-invasive procedures that are available, it requires smaller incisions and than a traditional facelift. This one is often referred to as the “Weekend Facelift” because many patients have the procedure on a Friday and return to work the following Monday. The mini-lift works well to improve the appearance of jowls and neck. The downside is that it results in far less dramatic results than a traditional facelift.

S-Lift: works on the lower part of the face, smoothing out the neck and jowl areas. This procedure gets its name from the S-shaped incision behind the ear, so when the skin is lifted, the underlying muscles are tightened. This technique also requires less time than a traditional facelift and the recovery time is drastically reduced.
Mid-Facelift: the surgeon makes miniscule incisions above the patient’s ear as well as inside the mouth. The surgeon then draws in the cheeks; up and over the bones to tighten sagging skin. Very often, doctors will perform this procedure using a tiny camera called an endoscope to better visualize the affected areas.

With the wide variety of facelift techniques available, go ahead and schedule a consultation! You are definitely not getting any younger…

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