Has your Neck Gone Rogue? Here’s What to do!

neck liftFacial aging has increasingly taken center stage across the globe. Humans have been unceasing in our quest for lasting youth, and it seems that we have found that proverbial fountain. Take in just one episode of any Real Housewives show and you’ll know what we mean when we say that aging is now more of a choice than something to do gracefully. With all the attention being given to crow’s feet, frown lines, and falling cheekbones, many women (and men) have missed what is going on under the radar. More precisely, they may have missed what is happening under their chin!

The Aging Neck
Did you know that the skin on your neck is about as thin as the skin on your eyelids? No wonder this area of the body can seem to break down overnight! On top of the delicate nature of neck skin, there is a little thing called a platysma muscle. This ropey structure runs horizontally across the front of the neck, holding everything nicely in place – until it doesn’t. Sometime around the age of forty, the rope begins to fray. It loses its tautness and becomes more of a V-shape, taking your skin and muscle tone with it. This loss of structure allows the fat pads beneath the skin to push outward, which can lead to a double-chin; the perfect complement to sagging jowls and crepey skin. Not!

To Look Younger, Look Downward
What many women have noticed is that all the effort they put in to reducing under eye bags or worry lines or flattened cheeks eventually gets overshadowed by what’s going on below. The neck can be a dead giveaway to age, no matter how young your face looks. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

  • Excess fat beneath the chin can be gently removed with SlimLipo.
  • Enzolift™ skin resurfacing can be an excellent way to ward off the aging of neck skin.
  • Neck lift surgery can be performed on its own. Some say that this procedure can enable a patient to postpone full face lift treatment!

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