What Makes a Face Beautiful?

Face ProceduresWe see familiar faces splashed across the pages of magazines, and on screens of all sizes. We know the look of Angela’s lips oh so well, and the refinement of Natalie Portman’s nose. We may not notice the finite details of every celebrity’s face, but we know one thing: they are the embodiment of true beauty. What is it about these people that set them apart, that makes them stand out? Let’s take a look.

Shape and Structure

The very basis of facial aesthetics is the overall structure of the face. It is here where contouring begins, and where it is supported. The facial shape may be round, or elongated, or oval. What we notice more than the actual shape, though, is the sharpness of the angle across the jaw, the symmetry of one bony structure to the other. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have that exquisite symmetry that women around the world admire.

Facial Features

The small details of the various parts of the face expand upon an underlying structure. Eye-catching features may be beautifully round eyes, or their long, lush lashes. A notable feature that gets a lot of attention when it’s not right is the nose. The eyes gravitate to a nose that is straight and balanced. They are also appreciative of lips that are full and enticing. When the features from the jaw line to the forehead all live harmoniously together, the face is simply stunning.

The Definition of Aesthetic Beauty

Long ago, when Da Vinci sketched the “perfect male body,” he used phi, or the Golden Ratio, or, in numeric terms, 1:1.62. This ratio is seen throughout nature, throughout the ages, and it has been the basis for true facial beauty for centuries. Now, we know that nuances to our facial structure and features are what give us character, and we can appreciate our differences. At the same time, there are ways to bring more harmony and symmetry to the face, as well as the body, to enhance physical attractiveness.

Feeling great is not about achieving “perfection.” It is more about finding your ideal proportions. We can help. Contact us at (760) 240-2444 to learn more about our facial and body sculpting treatments.

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